Jeremie Saunders’ Bonus Time

Jeremie. Years ago you were told that around this time you’d likely not be here. Like a tree tagged with axe line you were given less rings to grow, less trips around the sun. But even with that shortened sentence, even though you reach the axe line, you continued to grow. And now you stand, above that marker, above that life line, above all the rings of your life that carried you up to reach the mountains you now share space with. And you’re still here, and you’re carrying your message like that tree carries the birdhouse, a home for all the goodness that can be hatched in many eggs and set to soar across the skies. Stand tall today, and every day and hold that peaceful message that you do so it continues to touch all that can see it. All my respect, my love, my appreciation and admiration. Joel jeremiefinished2


“Jeremie – With so much love and admiration for you who you are, and with confidence that this is a year of renewal and rebirth. Hugs and love, Brooke Shaden” brooke_shaden_for_jeremie

from Elif OnalpElif

from The Bohemian Introvert jeremyBirthday

Happy Birthday and Happy New Year! Although you don’t know me, I’ve gotten to know you a little bit through Kristina as well as your Tedtalk. I appreciate all that you have shared and expressed about living life to the fullest, especially given your circumstance. I wanted to give a little something back to you. Kristina suggested that myself and other photographers edit some of the photos she took of you. When I saw this photo, and created the final product, I thought about what this photo could symbolize. You hold a light, a light that you have chosen to give and share with others. Although this light will burn out one day, since none of us are immortal here on earth, it’s essence will be carried forward and shine through all the people you have touched. Thank you Jeremie for your example. I felt honored to be a part of this project and send this small gift to you. God bless.
Laurence Boswell


from Renea Warnock


Happiest of Birthdays Jeremie!

You don’t know me but I met you at Promoting Passion and your talked moved me very much. Then I went on to find BOTH of your podcasts and you continued to have an impact on my life. We are friends on FB but you wouldn’t have a reason to know me. Despite that you have changed my life in several ways. This past year has been one of enormous transition for me. I discovered that I had been living in a friendly but passionless marriage that was held together by a deep love and care for our three children. I won’t make the story long but it manifested in ill health and mild lingering undetected depression. The more I rediscovered myself as an artist though the more I realized something wasn’t right and my life needed a huge overhaul. So I got well, and I made more art and I started a photographic series called the ͞Gas Mask Series͟ You can see it spread throughout my IG @Piercefly The reason I am telling you this back story is because the gas mask series has been therapy for me as I decided to leave my marriage (amicably thank goodness) and to rediscover my womanhood and my sexuality which was lying dormant for WAY too long. I am a true introvert an INFJ to be precise and so the gas mask was a way for me to work anonymously and symbolically ….the old adage ͞put on your gas mask first and then save others͟ applies here. This was me ͞saving myself͟ and literally reclaiming my life. My parents were dead at 64 and 76 and I will be 50 in March. Your Ted Talk reminded me that I have an expiry date and if I follow in my parent’s footsteps I might get 26 years at best. I decided to start acting as if that was all the time I had left. I have SO Much that I want out of life and I am not waiting one more minute to get at it. So after PPC when Kristina brought up the idea of making gifts for your birthday the first and only thing I could see in my head was I wish that if I gave you my gas mask I could extend your time in some way. So I used her photo of you and added mine to create the moment. I know it’s fantasy but I figure fantasy is ok too. It’s also a gesture from my heart. So hopefully the image will make sense for you now and have a deeper meaning than just two shirtless people in nature. Not that there is anything wrong with that Happy Birthday on the birthday you never thought you might have…. And I hope we have this conversation in ten more years too ….. although thank you for helping me to remember that nothing is guaranteed and the time is now. Much love and wishing you all the best ❤ Ronne Pierce

RPierceandKK-FULL Jeremie-04078_preview

from Genevieve Parker



After watching his TED talk, they are symbols that I felt captured what he was saying and also that I felt represented him, strength, resilience, compassion ❤ Sending him lots of love and birthday wishes. Ansa Gohar

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 11.40.25 PM.png

Dear Jeremie,

On first day when we met I didn’t know anything about your story. I didn’t hurry to photograph you, I didn’t listen to every word and I didn’t select carefully what exactly I wanted to share. On the next day I knew that you had an expiration date and it changed everything. This lesson made me think how we all sometimes value people only when they are gone or when we know they’re about to go. In reality we never know, maybe the person next to us won’t be there as long as we expect. I learnt that I need to see magic and be present with every soul, choose words and experiences I put in every person carefully. Being around you I felt how you give all of you to the person next to you, I felt like you are a vessel between this world and the next world, I felt like I only want to put in best qualities I have. Creating my image I realised that I can only do my best and not better than my current best even though I wish I could be better than I currently am. I was tempted not to share my own take on the image and just share those created by other artists but, I think, I’ll just give it to you and hope that if we never meet again in this lifetime you’ll know that I will always remember those moments we spent creating together. That cold day and bright light and a group of people around us laughing. I’ll remember you when I’ll be taking my last breath whenever it happens and I’ll try my best to make the time before that count inspired by the way you live your life and give to the world.


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